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2018 REU was a big success

The Microzooplankton Lab participated in the UCONN/Mystic Aquarium joint Research Experience for Undergraduates program again this summer. This NSF-funded program allowed us to host an undergraduate student from the University of Delaware, Gretchen Johnson, who will present her results at the upcoming ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting in Puerto Rico.


Sue and Luciana will be attending the International Society of Protistologists meeting in Vancouver this summer.


GREAT Program for teachers

As part of an NSF Award, we created the Graduate Research Experience Awards for Teachers program to bring K-12 teachers into a university laboratory during  the summer.  Our lab has hosted several teachers from Connecticut for independent study projects on plankton ecology.  Contact Dr. McManus if you are interested in finding out more about this program. Click here for an application form.


Ciliates currently in culture

We currently have several ciliates in culture, including Strombidium rassoulzadegani, Laboea strobila, Strombidinopsis sp., and Eutintinnus inquilinus. We are hoping to get Schmidingerella arcuata as soon as the Sound warms up a bit.