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Current & Recent Projects


Title: Development of an oligotrich ciliate as a food organism for marine aquaculture
Sponsor: Connecticut Sea Grant (2004-2006)

Title: Monitoring Mesozooplankton and Microzooplankton in Long Island Sound, National Coastal Assessment
Sponsor: Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (ongoing)

Title: Foodweb Support for the Threatened Delta Smelt and other Estuarine Species in Suisun Bay and the Western Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta
Sponsor: State of California: CALFED (2006-2009).

Title: Collaborative Research: Testing hypotheses about diversity, gene flow, and effective population size in marine planktonic ciliates
Sponsor: National Science Foundation (2007-2010).

Title: Carbon and Nitrogen Acquisition and Cycling in Heterotrophic and Mixotrophic Ciliates
Sponsor: National Science Foundation (2008-2011).


Title: LISICOS - Long Island Sound Integrated Coastal Observing System
Sponsor: NOAA. The goal of the Long Island Sound Integrated Coastal Observing System is the development of a sustained capability to observe the Long Island Sound ecosystem and an adequate capability to understand and predict its response to natural and anthropogenic changes (2005-2006).


Title: Collaborative Research: Diversity and dynamics of planktonic ciliates - what can next-generation sequencing technologies tell us?
Sponsor: National Science Foundation (2011-2014)


Title:Collaborative research: Patterns of diversity in planktonic ciliates: spatio-temporal scales and community assembly in the coastal ocean
Sponsor: National Science Foundation (2014-2017)